October Is National Chiropractic Month

National Chiropractic Month is a nationwide campaign held each October. The focus of this year?s campaign will be the chiropractic treatment of headaches. Ninety percent of Americans will suffer from some type of headaches in their lives. There are several different types of headaches ranging from mild and occasional to debilitating and constant.

Many studies have shown chiropractic treatment to be very effective in treating tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck. The American chiropractic Association states that 14% of people that use chiropractic use it for headache relief.

A recent study showed that chiropractic patients got more relief for their headaches than patients just given medication. This study also showed that the chiropractic group was the only group to have relief for four weeks following the study.

?A big part of my practice is helping people that suffer from headaches,? explained Dr. Steven Read, clinic director of Ortega Chiropractic Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. ?The majority of patients I treat for headaches have their headaches caused by some type of vertebral misalignment in their neck,? he added. ?If I can help the patient take pressure off these nerves in the neck, they tend to get relief from their headaches.?

?Occasionally we may have to modify a patient?s diet, because certain foods can trigger headaches as well,? said Dr. Read. ?We also sometimes modify the person?s posture through some ergonomic changes or even special pillows use to support the neck while they sleep.?

In observation of National Chiropractic Month, Dr. Read?s clinic is offering a free initial chiropractic examination. By going to his new site , a person suffering from headaches can instantly download a certificate that entitles them and their family members to a free examination and x-rays.

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