Pregnancy & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – How Do You Get Relief?

When most people think of carpal tunnel syndrome, they instantly imagine hapless office workers typing away while wearing wrist braces to ease their symptoms. What many don’t realize, however, is that carpal tunnel can be caused from pregnancy as well. Here are a few suggestions on how to ease your pregnancy carpal tunnel.

Pregnancy carpal tunnel is caused in much the same way as other cases of carpal tunnel: pressing is put on the medial nerve, which is situated in the wrist. In the case of pregnant woman, swelling in the wrists results in unsettling tingle sensations in the fingers, thumb, and palms. In some cases pregnancy carpal tunnel goes away after the birth, but there are also situations in which the symptoms remain even after the pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are many of ways to handle your pregnancy carpal tunnel. If it is possible, restrict any action that involves your hands making strenuous, repeated movements, such as typing. Doing very gentle stretches can help make circulation to your wrists and hands and keep down swelling. Many doctors also recommend wear wrist braces.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from pregnancy carpal tunnel do not like wear wrist brace because they’re uncomfortable and get in the way. However, you can find a diversity of models that provide you with freedom of movement and relative comfort while still holding your wrists straight. In many serious cases, you may need a brace that supports your thumb or fingers as well, but for slighter symptoms, even something as gentle as a gel padded brace can work wonders for your wrists.

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If your pregnancy carpal tunnel persists or grows worse, you may need to recur to more invasive procedures. This can include injecting steroids, which can relieve the pressure. There is also a simple surgical operation that involves a doctor making a precise incision in your inner wrist or palm. In many cases, these incisions cure without incidental and leave very little scarring. However, there are risks involved, especially if you are prone to infection. This is why surgical procedure is left primarily as a last option.

Fortunately, the recuperation time only takes about 30 day or so. Apart from pain medication and antibiotics, you aren’t alowed to take any additional medication. After your sutures are removed, you will be required to wear a brace for two weeks, but in time you’ll gradually be able to go back to your favorite activities without fear of overstraining yourself.

If left untreated, your pregnancy carpal tunnel may make it difficult for you to hold objects. Your fingers may feel clumsy and swollen. In time, the numbness may persist to the point where your sense of touch is impaired. Many patients document having difficulty moving their thumbs. This is why it’s crucial to consult your doctor right away should you experience any of the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Learn more today!